About Me

So Who is Jordy?

Oh Lordy JordyJordy is my childhood nickname, short for Jordania (Jor-DAN-yuh).

I’m an extroverted socializer, an introverted bookie, and a ruthless foodie. I have a passion for people, writing, and a constant craving to learn. Ask me to reach outside my comfort zone and I guarantee you won’t get turned down.

I believe there’s always room for improving oneself and I believe in passionate undertakings. I appreciate impulsive adventures but I also desire stability. I believe in following your dreams, your heart and taking the road less traveled.

But most importantly, my hopes for this Lifestyle & Wellness blog, is that you take my tips, stories, and relatability to heart. I strive to be as honest and vulnerable as I can, which isn’t always easy. What will readers think of me? Is my advice providing value? Am I oversharing?

And since we’re being honest, while my whole-hearted intention is to inspire and become part of your journey, nothing fulfills me more than knowing I can make a difference in someone’s emotional well-being.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and suggest a topic you’d like to see from me. As much satisfaction as I get out of writing these posts, they would be meaningless without your input and encouragement.

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